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 LOL! The Newbie Glossary of Terms

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LOL!  The Newbie Glossary of Terms Empty
PostSubject: LOL! The Newbie Glossary of Terms   LOL!  The Newbie Glossary of Terms Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 3:29 am

New members, unfamilair with board lingo, can get confused when they see a bunch of letters that are supposed to mean something. Also, some key terms can be hard to find the answer to if you don't know where to go. Well, there's no need to get confused; basic board lingo and key terms are located right here, convenient and easy to use.


LOL: Laughing Out Loud

ROTFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing ( a step up from LOL)

ROTFLMAO: Rolling On the Fllor Laughing My *** Off (a step up from ROTFL)

OPPM: One Post Per Minute. (This is found on some other forum sites)

n00b: See: newbie.

pwn: to "own" (to rule over)

Key Terms:

Post: A response.

Thread: A group of posts

Forum: A group of related threads

Emoticons Faces that you can tack onto your posts. To get one, either type in its code, or click on the one you want from the Emoticon panel.

Avatar: A picture that appears on all of your posts.

Flaming: Intentionally taking a cheap shot at another user. A bannable offense.

Spamming: Posting something that is advertising another site or posting something in a forum where it is not relevant. Serious cases are bannable.

Baiting: Intentionally trying to incite a reaction out of another user. A bannable offense. If you are being baited by another user, do not respond to the baiting; instead, tell a Mod or Admin.

Moderator: A user who watches over certain forums and edits questionable/objectional material. Their word is law, but they are also a friendly bunch. Don't hesitate to ask them if you ahve questions.

Administrators: The one writing this glossary is one. Someone who controls all aspects of the boards, and is higher up than moderator. These users aren't watching over the fourms like moderators, but have the power to make edits and ban problem users.

Private Message: A message that is sent to a user by another user through the built-in PM system. PM's are private, so no one else can read them. However, this DOES NOT give anyone the right to break the rules of the forums or the ToS.

Specific JCC/JCF Lingo

JCC/JCF: Jedi Council Forums. Another site which many users on these boards also frequent.

TF.N: The abbreviation for TheForce.Net, the host site for the Jedi Council Forums.

WRF: Winged Rabid Fruitcakes, something popularized in the TF.N Pillow Fighting thread.

Drain Bramaged: Trika_Kenobi's apprentices. It's an inside joke.

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LOL! The Newbie Glossary of Terms
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