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 Welcome to Saga Community!

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Welcome to Saga Community! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Saga Community!   Welcome to Saga Community! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2008 11:57 pm

Hello there, and welcome to the Saga Community. In this forum, instead of having discussions about the six films, there will be more general questions, such as philosophy, and many focus groups that discuss certain characters or groups in the Saga galaxy.

Now, we all know that the EU is an important part of Star Wars. However, no matter how much you like it, discussion of it does not belong here (that's what the EU-related forums are for), because this is a forum devoted to the SAGA and nothing more. However, if you have a small reference to the EU, just make sure that you mention that it's from outside the Saga. References such as names and places can be used in the ABC Game, for example. We do this so that there isn't two different discussions going on in one forum, which can be very confusing to first-time posters who are unfamiliar with the boards. For oldbies and veteran posters, you'll just have to bear with the newbie crowd. You were a newbie once, so treat them with respect as they learn their way around.

DO NOT post a game or focus group thread without first asking for permission to do so from the Saga Community Mod(s), or an Administrator if the Mod(s) are not available. Also, if you are starting a fan focus group, check the Community Index to see if that group/character already has a discussion group.

Well, I guess that covers everything you need to know about the Saga Community. Stick around and join some of our fabulous groups; you may make a few new friends in the process. Cool

Band Geeks are the best kind of geeks.

If you happen to be looking for a band geek, stop looking, 'cause you've already found one.

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Welcome to Saga Community!
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